About Us

Ignize was founded in 2020 by Styrbjörn Horn and Andreas Westling, two experienced entrepreneurs with a long track record in both analytical tools for pricing business management and S-a-a-S (Software as a service) solutions for large enterprises. It is a distributed operation with commercial bases in Luxemburg and Sweden, and technical development in North Macedonia.

After working with several dozen Fortune 500 companies in their previous roles, and seeing the same issues around the lack of real decision support for future planning across these companies, Styrbjörn and Andreas decided to do something about this. The insight was clear, the technical development foundation and programming resources were already in place from previous business projects, and hence the road to a working system was both shorter and more direct than in most new companies.

We’ve developed a next-generation software solution, founded on our 20+ years of experience, that enables generative precision pricing. This innovation transforms the traditionally labor-intensive and manual analytics process, previously managed by pricing consultants or departments, into an efficient, system-driven operation. Acting as your co-pilot, our solution not only generates adaptable pricing algorithms but also simplifies their modification and customization.

In summary, our precision pricing solution ensures the optimal pricing of all products across every market, segment, and customer, consistently. On average, we deliver an increase of over 5% in EBIT and a strong ROI.

As one experienced customer remarked, ‘Your solution is truly innovative and refreshing.’

Welcome to Ignize!

Styrbjörn Horn

COO & Co-Founder

Styrbjörn Horn is a serial entrepreneur who throughout his career has constantly looked for ways to make companies work smarter, better and improve their value proposition to customers. Styrbjörn started as a pricing specialist at Atlas Copco/Epiroc, went on to develop Ericsson’s mobile internet services before founding his first venture MGage, a pioneer in mobile applications, in 2000. When MGage was acquired by Aspiro in 2001, he went on to launch the operational pricing specialist Navetti, which grew to be a leader in the category in Europe, subsequently acquired by Vendavo in 2018.

Styrbjörn has a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering from KTH, the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, and studied economics at Stockholm University.

Andreas Westling

CEO & Co-Founder

Andreas Westling is passionate about combining people and technology to scale business development that generates sustainable results. He started as an industrial pricing consultant before joining Navetti in 2007, where he became CEO in 2012. After the acquisition of Navetti by Vendavo in 2018, he ran the new organization’s business in the EMEA region.

Andreas Westling has a Master of Science in Industrial Engineering and Management from KTH, the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.

Our Mission

To revolutionize the pricing landscape for manufacturing industries, empowering them to utilize disruptive technologies for proactive, growth-centric decisions.

Ignize Knowledge Center

Welcome to the Ignize knowledge center where you will find downloadable documents about our products and about decision intelligence.