Let your data speak its mind. Reveal your real business opportunities.

Unlock them with decision intelligence. 

Decision intelligence is the latest in data driven decision making, powered by AI. Recently, Gartner named it one of the top technology trends that will be used by one of three large companies already in 2023 

3 common business mistakes to avoid

Too many organizations

  • bury their most important data in silos, where they never come to use
  • allow business critical insights to get stuck in the data department
  • miss linking data analysts with business managers

These strategies will never boost your revenue.

Let your data speak its mind

AI-powered decision-making can change that, if you are ready to act. All the insights are there, if you know how to listen (and how to connect your data with external market data).  It’s called decision intelligence. Let your data speak its mind.

When machine learning combines your internal data with external data about your markets and customers you get a head start. That is the competitive edge you need to be successful in business: to act before your competitors do.


Don’t get stuck looking back

Too many management boards are stuck at looking at historical data, hoping the future will be different. Meanwhile, data analysts often have the answers that management is looking for. They just lack the business know-how to interpret those answers correctly and translate them to actionable plans.

Stop revenue leakage – act on opportunities

Instead, use AI and machine learning to identify:

  • revenue leakage
  • business opportunities
  • market developments in your favor
  • where you can raise your price
  • where you should lower them

What is the financial health of your customers and how it will influence their investments during the coming 18-36 months? What is your commodity exposure per assortment and how will the commodity price development affect your COGS (cost of goods sold)?  

This kind of external data needs to be merged with your internal revenue and profit development,  your sales pipe and other information like your installed base to see the full width of your opportunities.

Stay ahead – act faster

When you can be one step ahead of developments in your industry and in your market you can act faster than your competitors. That is the core value of The Ignizer. And it has a significant impact on your bottom line.

Advanced analytics and a proven decision intelligence model deliver deep market insights. Unlock opportunities by combining external data with your own, internal data. No more silos. No more tech talk. Instead:  actionable business insights that will improve your strategy and bring better profits.

The Ignize concept is a tested approach to Decision intelligence and The Ignizer the solution you need to apply it. Learn more about the Ignize concept here.