What we do

We help companies optimize their pricing strategies so they can be – and stay – one step ahead of market developments and outperform their competitors. By acting faster and with more insight, your business will see a significant impact on the bottom line, even in the first year.

How we do it

At our core, we help our clients optimize their pricing strategies using a powerful combination of expertise and technology. Our team has over 20 years of experience in pricing strategy and price optimization, and we use this knowledge to develop customized solutions that meet the unique needs of each client. Our advanced SaaS Decision Intelligence platform, The Ignizer, is a key part of our approach. The platform uses sophisticated algorithms and machine learning to analyse a wide range of external and internal data sources, providing valuable insights into market trends, customer behaviour and decision making, competitor developments and other factors that affect your operational pricing.

Strategic pricing in large companies involves multi-dimensional analysis to understand the impact of future decisions across various dimensions such as customer type, geography, market segment, product category, and distribution channel. The Ignizer platform is fully adapted to these requirements and can handle as many dimensions of analysis as needed.

Ignize’s five-step process for establishing a structured price waterfall, supported by AI/ML technology, helps clients optimize their pricing strategies. The result is increased revenue, improved customer satisfaction, and reduced overhead costs. With Ignize and the Ignizer platform, you can optimize your pricing strategies using a value-based, market-driven approach that considers product configurations, spare parts, and various pricing scenarios. Our platform supports clients in defining target price logic and offers a SaaS solution that ensures consistent pricing logic that is easy to explain and defend to customers.

Further more, our methodology allows for the calculation of optional variants to determine the price of configured products. By pricing base variants and option variants, we create families for both in order to price the “genes” in a configured product, forming a complete “DNA string”. For spare parts pricing, we group similar parts into uniform families, select attributes to consider in the pricing method, define the target price logic, and evaluate the business case.

Our clients have experienced an initial 5-10% increase in EBIT by using our platform, with further improvements over time. We pride ourselves on working closely with them as partners, tailoring our services to their unique needs and goals as these emerge with time and business developments.

A continuous loop

The Track – Predict – Act process is a constant learning loop for pricing optimization. It provides additional recommendations and revised scenarios with each iteration, refining predictions and targets with every cycle. The system continually learns and fine-tunes itself, improving accuracy and identifying the need for any possible changes in the correlation model itself.

Ignize Knowledge Center

Welcome to the Ignize knowledge center where you will find downloadable documents about our products and about decision intelligence.