The Ignizer

A Revolution in Pricing

The Ignizer emerges not just as a tool, but as a revolution, redefining the way businesses approach and manage pricing.

In a world that demands agility, precision, and foresight, The Ignizer is not just an answer but a game-changer. By redefining the traditional boundaries of pricing, it promises businesses a competitive edge that is sharp, sustainable, and smart.

When considering a SaaS solution like The Ignizer, businesses not only seek robust functionalities but also demand a secure, scalable, and reliable technological backbone. Recognizing these requisites, The Ignizer is deeply integrated with Microsoft’s Azure platform. This association brings forth a combination of our innovative pricing expertise with the technological might of one of the industry’s leaders.

Ignize SMART Pricing Capability: At its core, The Ignizer’s SMART Pricing function provides a dynamic and future-focused approach. Unlike static methods that look backwards, the SMART system predicts, adapts, and optimizes, ensuring prices remain not only competitive but also ahead of the curve.

Speed and Efficiency: With The Ignizer, tasks that took months now take days. The system streamlines and automates vast tracts of the pricing process, allowing teams to focus on strategy rather than getting bogged down in data management.

Precision through Machine Learning: Our own built ML algorithms ensure accuracy in pricing recommendations. This means companies can have full confidence in the prices they set, knowing they are based on comprehensive data analysis. It’s not a black box, everything is self-explanatory and well documented.

Predictive Analytics: Beyond current market conditions, The Ignizer utilizes predictive analytics to forecast future pricing scenarios. This forward-thinking approach means businesses are always a step ahead of market dynamics.

Global and Local Smart Indexing: The Ignizer’s ability to adjust both globally and locally ensures a nuanced approach to pricing. Whether it’s adjusting to global economic shifts or local market nuances, The Ignizer has it covered.

Customizable Indices: The flexibility of The Ignizer allows businesses to select and weight various indices based on their relevance, ensuring a tailored pricing strategy that reflects specific business goals and market realities.

Dedicated Support and Expertise: Behind The Ignizer is a team of experts with deep industry knowledge. We don’t just offer a tool; we offer our expertise, ensuring that our clients extract maximum value from their pricing strategies.

Built on Azure: The Ignizer is powered by Microsoft’s Azure platform, offering unparalleled scalability, security, and reliability. With Azure’s global infrastructure, businesses can be assured of a seamless experience, no matter where they are located. Moreover, Azure’s robust security protocols ensure that all your data remains protected, upholding our commitment to uncompromised security.

Credibility and Trust: Azure is a well-established cloud service offered by Microsoft, a giant in the tech industry. Associating your solution with Azure can enhance credibility and instill confidence in potential clients familiar with Microsoft’s reputation.

Scalability: Azure provides vast scalability options, ensuring that The Ignizer can grow with a client’s needs without any hiccups or service interruptions.

Security: Azure has rigorous security protocols. Highlighting this can help emphasize the security and reliability of your platform. The Ignizer prioritizes security. Being ISO 27001 and SOC 2 Type II compliant, clients can trust that their sensitive pricing data is in safe hands.

Global Reach: With data centers around the world, Azure ensures fast and reliable service regardless of geographic location. This can be a selling point for international clients.

Seamless Integration: Recognizing that businesses operate within a web of interconnected systems, The Ignizer is designed to effortlessly connect with various platforms like DW, ERP, and CRM. This ensures a smooth flow of information and minimizes friction.


where you explore possibilities and consequences with the predictive scenario manager


where you define desired decisions and actions, based on possible scenarios


which handles all your indicators, reports, and alerts


The Ignizer platform is provided as a subscription service (Software-as-a-Service), which means that updates and enhancements are automatically added to the system as part of the contract.

Update, edit and evolve

The Ignizer decision intelligence platform is fully adaptive. It lets you add and edit data sources, update and remodel dependencies and time lags throughout the analysis. In the same way you can constantly adjust the structure of the analysis, change initiatives, create different reports, edit baselines and forecasts etc.

Ignize Knowledge Center

Welcome to the Ignize knowledge center where you will find downloadable documents about our products and about decision intelligence.